Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Red over red: vessel not under command

So.  Much of the federal government is now closed, and the rest is on borrowed time.  A lot of people have been furloughed.  Again.  Others are working but may not get a paycheck on time.

Has it not occurred to the Tea Party caucus in the House that if the tactics they use today are successful those same or similar tactics will be used against them in some future conflict when they are in the majority?  Do you think that's impossible?  Remember that only a couple of decades back filibusters were extremely rare.  Now they are standard, and nearly every bill in the Senate needs 60 votes to pass.  What will the future look like when every budget bill, and every continuing resolution, and every debt ceiling increase, is seen as an opportunity for some disgruntled minority to overturn laws that a majority of Congress has already passed?

Oh...wait...that's what it's like now.