Thursday, April 5, 2012

Thom liked the title of this blog, I assume because it scans in a sense.  It's easy to remember, and the syllables don't stumble over each other.  But in a comment Craig said: "I don't much care for the title. You aren't lacking enthusiasm and you aren't going from one subject to another in an unfocused, halfhearted way. " 

I'm not really satisfied with it either.  "Desultory" was a damned good description of my mood when I set it up, but I'm not always in that kind of mood.  So I think I should change it, and if I'm going to change it I should do it before it's too set in my brain.

"Moody Economist"?  Naaahh.  Besides, there's already an economics site called Moody's Analytics.   "Bipolar Eco......naaah.  Not even worth putting the closing quote mark on that one.

A lot of what I might write here will be reactions to things said in public that I disagree with---or, much more rarely, that I agree with enthusiastically---but I'm not sure "Reactionary Economics" is the right title either.

In fact I doubt that I will stick to economics as topics.  Sometimes I do think about other things.

So I'm thinking about other blog titles.  What are the facts?  I was trained as an economist, all the way through to the Ph.D. level, but I have never really worked as an economist.  These days I'm an engineering project manager.  Still, I think of myself as an economist in my spare time.  "Spare Time Economist"?  Nah.  "Spare Change Economist"?  Nahhhhh.  Not an academic, an ordinary person who has some economics training.  "Ordinary Economist"?  That'  Not horrible. 


Since I do all of this at night I could change it to "Ordinary Nocturnal Economist".  What do you think?

Any other suggestions?



  1. Or maybe "Common Nocturnal Economist".

  2. Or maybe "Common Opinionated Old Cuss".

  3. Or "Kommon Opinionated Old Kuss", so it would be "Kook" as an acronym. From

    Kook: one whose ideas or actions are eccentric, fantastic, or insane; screwball.

  4. So I went with Nocturnal Economist for now. I could have used Common Ornery Nocturnal Economist, so I could have a bunch of groupies that called themselves CONE-heads.

    Kind of like that. Seems improbable though.