Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sorry for all the quiet...

Sorry for the silence for the last few days.  I'm working from a hotel in Hampton Virginia this week, I spend my days on a ship near here.  I get back to the hotel in the evenings very tired, and today more than a little sore from scrambling up and down ladders on the ship all day in a hard hat and steel-toed boots.  This is just one more in a long list of reminders that I am not 25 anymore, or even 45.  sigh...

But the room overlooks a very pretty marina.  I got back in an hour ago, and after a hot shower and a few Advil I am slowly recovering from the day.  I'm looking down at the tops of a lot of boats, mostly sailboats, on a rainy quiet evening.

But the location and the long days make it hard to blog much.  I'll try to catch up once I get home.

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