Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day (or Phantom Interrupted)

I know that yesterday I promised a post today on boneheaded references to “accounting identities”, but…well, you know.  Today is Labor Day in the United States, a day spent in celebration of the social and economic achievements of American workers.  I was distracted.

So I spent the day in traditional Labor Day pursuits.  This morning I walked out to Connecticut Avenue to watch the Kensington Labor Day Parade, and then had a long wander through the street vendors and a show of the works of local artists.  The parade had all the staples.  It had fire engines and politicians, local business micro-floats, high school marching bands, girl scouts and boy scouts and cub scouts and brownies, horses, musicians, and Jews for Jesus.  There were lots of kids, and lots of dogs. 

It was awesome. 

For lunch I bought a pizza on the street from Frankly Pizza,  and it, too, was awesome.

And for dinner this evening I had grilled chicken marinated in olive oil and smoked salt, and at the end brushed lightly with a BBQ sauce; to go with that we had fresh corn and potato salad, and of course watermelon.  How much more Labor Day can it get than that?? 

In a bold display of solidarity with the suffering labor in Spain, I also had a glass or two of Alvarez de Toledo Godello wine that I bought for a very reasonable price at my local coop. 

On the whole, a very very pleasant day.  I still know that there are terrible debt phantoms wandering about, but in the sunshine today I have to admit that I couldn’t see them.

I’ll see them better tomorrow.  I’ll write then.

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